About www.GoophoneShops.com

www.GoophoneShops.com is the official Goophone Mobile Phone Website aiming at providing you the best Goophone Smartphone and the best customer service.

  1. Our missions

    www.GoophoneShops.com is committed to become the most loved and trusted smartphone provider by offering superior shopping experience, timely shipping, and stellar customer service.

    www.GoophoneShops.com puts customer service first. Unlike many other stores, we believe customer service starts from the moment customers enter our website. We have staffs dedicated to answering questions in our forums, and we offer pre-sale technical support on our site and via e-mail.
  2. Where is www.GoophoneShops.com located?
    Operated by Goophone Mobile Company located in Shen Zhen China where Apple products like iPad & iPhone are made, and where Foxconn runs factories with over half a million people. By locating ourselves at the heart of the baking oven of electronics, we gain direct access to the best smartphones of the marketplace at the best possible factory direct price. The tremendous savings are then passed on directly to customers like you.
  1. Why open an account?

    A free www.GoophoneShops.com account allows you to:

    1. Place and track orders.

    2. Save addresses in your address book so that you can accelerate shopping speed during checkout.

    3. Collect rebate points to redeem free products.

    4. Participate in community forums.

    5. Write reviews, and rate other reviews.

    We guarantee that your information is never sold to third parties. See our complete privacy policy

  2. What if I want to close my account?
    To have your account closed and all saved personal information removed (such as address book entries), click here to create a support ticket.
Assurance & Warranty
  1. Are products under any warranties?

    Unless it is stated on the product page, product warranty is 12 months which starts counting from the date of shipment.

    • Within 1 months after receipt:
      Upon return, defective items are replaced and shipped back to customers for free. Return shipping reimbursement is USD 20 or 50% of the item's price, whichever is lower.
    • 1 to 12 months after receipt:
      Upon returning, defective items are repaired and shipped back to customers for free. Return shipping reimbursement is unavailable. Customers need to pay us to ship the repaired item.
    • Afterwards:
      Customers may still send defective items back to www.GoophoneShops.com. We pass those items back to their manufacturers and helps coordinating the repair. Customers are responsible for shipping charges both ways.

      Depending on the problem, fees may be charged by the manufacturers. www.GoophoneShops.com will contact customers before committing the repairs. Note: www.GoophoneShops.com will not charge you, www.GoophoneShops.com only charges you on the behalf of the manufacturers.

    Parts not covered by standard warranties

    1. Consumables including but not limited to ink, depletion of disposable or primary batteries, etc.
    2. Parts naturally exposed to tear and wear including but not limited to screen protectors, cases, etc.
    3. Damages or degradations caused by improper operations including but not limited to torn cables, blown fuses, bricks due to installation of custom firmwares, etc.
  2. How does www.GoophoneShops.com handle the defective items on arrival / DOA orders?

    www.GoophoneShops.com guarantees safe delivery of your orders. We exchange all damaged items. www.GoophoneShops.com covers all return shipping charges.

    Contact us for a RMA, within 5 days of delivery, and ship products back via the least expensive method.

  3. Product Price Protection 

    www.GoophoneShops.com provides price protections on all orders before they are shipped.

    If its price is lowered before your order is shipped, the difference will be refunded to your PayPal / Credit Card Account. If your order is paid by a gift certificate, the difference is refunded to your gift certificate.

    An order is shipped when a tracking number is shown in the order details page.

    Click here to make a price protection request.

  4. What is the Money Back Guarrantee?

    Not happy with a product? Return it to us.

    You may return undamaged items to us postmarked within 15 calendar days of delivery. If the return is not a result of our error, customers will be required to cover shipping cost both ways and up to 50% restocking fee will apply. Please make sure the item is returned in the original condition, with the original packaging and accessories.

    Please note that shipping and handling charges apply if returns are not results of our error.

    Click here to return a product.


    • Products must not be altered or modified.
    • Raw components and PCB boards cannot be accepted for return after they are installed or soldered.
    • Consumables cannot returned once they are opened.
    • When returning replacement products, the original (defective or non-functional) unit must also be returned, or a fee may apply.
    • Volume/wholesale (signified by volume discounts), and customized orders are not covered by this offer.
  1. Can I add more item(s) to my order?

    Yes, but you need to add it before your order is packaged for shipment. Let us know and we will do it for you.

    In the meantime, placing a new order is likely faster. You can either let the new order ship separately, or request to combine your two orders.

  2. Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

    It depends.

    • If your new delivery address is a big change from old one, such as different country and different receipient, such change is not allowed. In this case, you better change your delivery address at checkout. The following cases are not allowed after you place order.
      1. Different country and different receipient
      2. Different state and different receipient
      3. Same country but different receipient (this case you can consult with us and may be allowed)
    • If your new delivery address is a small change from old one, such as different state or street but same receipient, such change is allowed at a later time.

    The other cases we do not mention here, or you want to ask for an exception, please consult with us.

  3. Can I change my order to different item?

    As long as we haven't shipped out your order, you can change your order to different items.

    1. Find the new item(s) you want, check the price(s) of the new item(s).
    2. If the new items are with lower price than your original payment amount, we will refund you the difference. 
    3. If the new items are with higher price than your original payment amount, you need to pay the difference. 

    If we have shipped out your order, you can not change your order to different items any more.

    To judge if we have shipped out your order,please check your order detail page, if a tracking number shows up, it means it has been shipped. 

  4. How is refund handled?

    Payments made through PayPal (or your credit card)

    • Within 60 days of payment: we can refund either to your PayPal / Credit Card Account or, issue you a gift certificate (also known as store credit).
    • After 60 days: refunds are sent as gift certificates.
    Note: The 60 days rule is imposed by PayPal.

    Payments made through gift certificates

    • Refunds are sent as gift certificates.
  5. How do I cancel my order?

    You can cancel and obtain a refund yourself by contacting us before your order is shipped.

  6. In what currency are the prices displayed?

    All price listed on our website are in US dollars. You can choose some other mainstream currency like Euros, Pounds to display as your local currency. The rate used is is not controlled by us, it is fetched from some server. To convert US dollars into your local currency, visit XE.com.

    If your home currency is not US dollars, please note that your credit card issuer or bank does the final conversion. The rates that your bank uses are not controlled by our website.

    If you would like to find out the actual conversion rates, please call your credit card issuer or your bank. Please be noted, no matter what currency the product prices are displayed in, US dollar is used at checkout.

  7. In what language should I enter my information in?

    All information should be entered in English. Information entered in other languages can cause processing delays or lost packages.

    www.GoophoneShops.com is able to print shipping labels in customer country's native language. To enter an address in your native language, simply goto My Account > Address Book > Add New Address.

    Please note that a native language address is not guaranteed to be used for shipping. The use of such an address depends on the policies imposed by specific shipping carriers used for each shipment.

    www.GoophoneShops.com is not responsible for issues caused by improper entry.

  8. Why didn't I receive an order confirmation email?

    Please contact us so we can look it up.
    As soon as you checkout an order, an email is automatically sent to your e-mail to confirm the order. If you're not seeing order confirmation or status updates, your e-mail provider or client software may be treating our emails as SPAMs (mistakenly!). You should also have a quick look at the SPAM/JUNK e-mail folders.

Payment & PayPal
  1. What payment gateways are accepted?

    PayPal, Skrill(Moneybookers), Western Union and Bank Deposit are accepted.

    We prefer and recommends PayPal.Through PayPal, we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and Bank Transfer (Debit Card).

  2. Do I need to register a PayPal account?


    PayPal supports guest checkout. Simply enter your billing address and credit card information to complete an order. You may optionally create a PayPal password for speeding up future orders.

  3. How do I contact PayPal by phone?

    +1-888-221-1161 (US & Canada Toll Free)
    +1-888-215-5506 (US & Canada Toll Free)
    +1-402-935-7733 (International)
    +1-402-935-2050 (International)

    These phone numbers are published on the Internet. PayPal may change the numbers without noticing us. For the latest phone numbers and other contact methods, please visit http://www.paypal.com/.

  4. How long does it take for refunds to get back to my credit card?

    Credit card refunds requires manual verification and are processed within 3 business days.

    You will receive an instant e-mail notification from PayPal to confirm these refunds. You may also call PayPal to verify your refund. Their USA toll free phone number is 1-888-221-1161.

    After a refund is processed, it could take anywhere between 1 and 30 days to appear on your credit card statements. This delay depends solely on agreements between PayPal, your card's type (Visa/Mastercard/AE), and your issuing bank. It is not within our control.

  5. PayPal Error Message: "This transaction is invalid."
    Please click here to checkout again. This will usually resolve the error message you have seen.
    If the above does not work, please  contact us. We'll create an order for you and send you a payment link. Although these payment links also send you to PayPal, because no cart details are provided through them they tend to be checked less vigorously by PayPal and thus resolves the "transaction is invalid" error.
  6. What do I need to checkout via PayPal?
    1. A valid email address, and
    2. a valid credit card or bank account.
  7. What's PayPal?

    PayPal is a globally trusted payment clearing service. By using PayPal to pay, your financial information such as credit card numbers and billing address are kept private and secure -- your information cannot be seen by one else (even the merchant).

    For more information, please see PayPal on Wikipedia and PayPal's website.

  8. Why should I pay with PayPal?

    PayPal is a trusted third party payment processor, owned by eBay. Paypal protects your financial information during transactions and protects your payment for 60 days against any cases like loss of goods, not-as-described and not-received.

    PayPal on Wikipedia

    When you checkout via PayPal, we only see your shipping address and optionally a telephone number if you explicitly wish to share with us.

  9. Can I buy without paying now?

    For US customers, PayPal's Bill Me Later can help you purchase without paying now. You can Get 6 months financing on orders of $99 or more when you pay with Bill Me Later®, a PayPal service. For more detail, please learn more.

    PayPal's Bill Me Later is NOT for non-US customers.

  1. How to return a product?

    Here's what to do:

    1. Items must be returned with original packaging, manuals, and all accessories and documents provided by the manufacturer.
    2. Create a request by clicking here
    3. If a product is DOA or shipped incorrectly,we cover all shipping charges. For all other cases of returns, a staff will quote you the actual shipping costs incurred (the non-refundable portion), and provide you a RMA number.
    4. Proceed and send the items to the return address as we would provide to you. Note that the returning package must be postmarked within 14 calendar days from the date you received the RMA number.
    5. Processing time after your return arrives is approximately 10 days. Refund, should you request one, is sent corresponding to the original method of payment, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


    • If products are altered or modified, warranty and money back satisfaction become void.
    • The satisfaction guarantee does not cover customized, volume discount, and/or wholesale orders.
    • When returning, we recommend using a trackable shipping method. We cannot be responsible for items lost on the way back.

    *Definition of delivery date: for EMS/DHL and some registered airmail packages, the delivery date is displayed on the courier's tracking site. For orders that do not have online delivery dates provided by the courier, the delivery date is assumed to be 21 calendar days after shipment.

  2. What's your return address for RMA?

    After you apply an RMA, we will check and if we approve it, we will send you the return address.

  1. Do you charge shipping & handling? Is shipping REALLY free?

    Shipping is FREE on all orders.

    For customers looking for faster delivery, optional shipping upgrades are available. Optional packaging upgrades are also available, such as hard box and gift wraps.

  2. How soon will you send the tracking number to me?

    All orders for physical goods including electronics, except software or the like, will be shipped with tracking service, a tracking number will be generated and uploaded on our system and sent to you, no matter what shipping method you have chosen.

    It takes us 12 hours to 48 hours to process the orders. Once the orders are processed,the tracking number will be uploaded and sent to you within 3 hours. So you will receive the tracking number within 12 hours to 51 hours from the receipt time of your order.

  3. Do you do partial shipments?

    Yes, and you can find all your split shipments listed within your original order. 

    Split shipments are normally done automatically so that in-stock items are shipped without being held back by items that are back ordered.

    We can also split and combine orders and shipments upon customer request, and we can send shipments within an order to different addresses. Let us know if you want us to split or combine your order.

  4. Is Cash On Delivery (COD) available?

    Sorry, no. No international courier provide such kind of service for international shipping as of now.

  5. Do you ship to APO/FPO or PO boxes?

    Yes. These are supported by the free airmail shipping and the USPS shipping services.

    Speedpost Global express and DHL cannot ship to APO/FPO or PO box addresses, because they require the recipient's signature upon delivery.

    If you place a Speedpost Global Express or DHL order with an unsupported address, we will contact you for an alternative address, or change the order to a supported shipping method and refund you the difference.

  6. How are replacement shipped?

    For lost packages:

    Replacements are shipped using the same service the original package used.

    For replacement of defective or missing items:

    If your order is originally shipped by airmail or USPS, replacements are shipped the same way.
    Speedpost Global Express orders are processed case by case. Our customer advocate updates you with details.
  7. How comes my tracking number do not work?

    www.GoophoneShops.com sends shipment notification and tracking numbers as soon as orders leave our warehouse. Tracking numbers will likely not show any result before carriers have a chance to do an initial scan to those packages.

    For Speedpost Global Express, DHL and USPS packages, this delay is usually 1 business day. For airmail packages, the delay can be up to 3 working days.

  8. What if my address is in remote area?

    There are 2 situations.

    1. To all shipping options of air mail (registered mail), there is no price difference between non-remote area and remote area, therefore no extra shipping cost.
    2. To shipping options of express, like DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT, there are price difference between non-remote area and remote area, and therefore there will be extra shipping cost resulted in for remote area. In most cases, the extra shipping cost is very high and is not acceptable. To tackle this problem, we have the following 2 solutions.
      • Switch to (Singapore) EMS which takes about 10 to 15 business days to deliver, just a little bit longer than 3 to 6 business days.
      • Buyer pays the extra shipping difference, and we stick to express shipping. You can pay the shipping difference.

    To judge if your address is remote area, we recommend you to check the official websites of DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT. For DHL, please click here. And we will send you email to notify your address is in remote area for express shipping once and if we receive feedback from our shipper.

  9. How long does it take for orders to get sent?

    Items that are in stock are shipped in 1 to 2 business days.

    Items that are unavailable will be placed on back order, and the remainder of your order will be shipped as partial shipments. Please check our web site for the estimated time of arrival of back ordered items. Please note that these ETA dates are estimations and cannot be guaranteed. You may cancel outstanding back orders for a refund at anytime.

    Where possible, we will make every effort to alert customers of potential delays, or offer possible substitutions to the originally ordered item (such as batteries or memory cards with similar specifications). We send out these by personalized e-mail messages.

  10. What shipping options are available?
    Shipping Carrier Typical Delivery Time Charge Countries / Restrictions 
    Regular Air Mail
    (aka snail mail)
    typically 15 to 30 business days FREE All - anywhere in the world

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries -OK
    E-liquids -OK
    Knives - OK
    Registered Air Mail typically 10 to 14 business 
    FREE for orders $20 or more
    otherwise around $1 or less to upgrade.

    Automatically routed by us via Singapore, Swiss, Sweden, Malaysia, and China Post, based on your order and your shipping address.

    Additional days are required for the following destinations:
    • Russian Federation and 
    • North Africa
    • South Africa
    • South America
    All - anywhere in the world

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries - OK
    E-liquids - OK
    Knives - OK
    ePacket / e-Express Services

    available for:
    - Australia
    - Canada
    - United States
    typically 8 to 12 business 
    Fees vary depending on your shipping address and carrier. These fees are calculated and displayed on the checkout page.

    These services provide quicker delivery times compared to other registered airmail options.
    Availability varies by address -- displayed during checkout.

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries - Prohibited
    E-liquids - Prohibited
    Knives - Prohibited
    Lighters - Prohibited
    United States Postal Service (USPS) typically 5 to 8 business 
    FREE for orders $20 or more
    otherwise around $1 or less to upgrade

    typically 5 business days to the West Coast
    typically 8 business days to the East Coast
    United States (USA) - including APO/FPO

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries - OK
    E-liquids - Prohibited
    Knives - OK
    Speedpost Global Express typically 3 to 8 business days Calculated based on weight and destination
    FREE for large orders to certain destinations (see shipping methods during checkout)

    3 to 5 business days to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and most developed countries
    5 to 8 days to other countries
    216 destinations

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries - Prohibited
    E-liquids - Prohibited
    Knives - OK
    Advanced shipping methods (recommended only for veteran shoppers)
    Registered Airmail via Singapore Post typically 10 to 14 business 
    FREE for most orders $20 or more
    otherwise around $1 or less to upgrade.

    Additional fees and processing time required for the following destinations:
    • Russian Federation and 
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    All - anywhere in the world

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries - OK
    ** except power banks
    E-liquids - OK
    Knives - Prohibited
    Registered Airmail via Malaysia typically 10 to 14 business 
    FREE for most orders $20 or more
    otherwise around $1 or less to upgrade.

    Caution: online tracking updates are delayed by 3 to 5 working days.
    Availability varies by address -- displayed during checkout.

    All batteries - OK
    E-liquids - OK
    Knives - OK
    Registered Airmail via China / Sweden / Swiss Post typically 10 to 14 business 
    Fees vary depending on your shipping address and carrier. These fees are calculated and displayed on the checkout page.
    Availability varies by address -- displayed during checkout.

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries - OK
    ** including power packs
    E-liquids - OK for Sweden. Prohibited for China and Swiss.
    Knives - OK
    USPS First-Class via Hong Kong Post typically 8 to 12 business 
    FREE for most orders $20 or more
    otherwise around $1 or less to upgrade.

    Warning: do NOT order batteries (all types) and e-liquids.

    Anything that is battery shaped may be held up for further inspection which takes up to 8 weeks to complete.
    Availability varies by address -- displayed during checkout.

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries - Prohibited
    E-liquids - Prohibited
    Knives - OK
    DHL Express typically 5 to 7 business 
    Typically time guaranteed by DHL (varies by country). Fees calculated during checkout. All developed countries around the world 

    Cylindrical batteries - Prohibited
    Built in batteries - OK
    E-liquids - Prohibited
    Knives - OK
    Important Notes
    • If your order contains prohibited items for the shipping carrier you selected, we re-route your order via another shipping carrier and it may take additional time for your order to ship.
    • All estimated/typical delivery time are derived from real world data collected from past orders.
    • Most services are not time guaranteed. For time guaranteed deliveries, contact us for custom quotes using UPS and/or FedEx services.
    • We ship all packages from Shenzhen China.
  11. What countries do you ship to?


    We ship to addresses around the world no matter where you are.

  12. What's the declaration on shipping labels?

    For orders shipped with Airmail Service, category of products ordered is used as customs declaration with a low value.

    Unless otherwise requested by customers, we DOES NOT include invoices and receipts inside packages.

    Orders shipped to Norway, France, or Denmark are exceptions. We are forced to print the paid order total on the declarations.

  13. How are customs and import tax/duties handled?

    Because we forward the products from Shen Zhen to Hong Kong (a free port), there is no sales tax or duties imposed by the Hong Kong government. Customers do not have to pay any sales tax or export duties when they purchase from us.

    Statistically, well less than 1% of all orders have ever got opened by the Customs in customers' home countries. If a package were to be checked by the customs office of the customer's country, customers have to cover for import duties, tariffs, and taxes.

    Although the chance of packages charged by the customs is small, we encourage customers to check with their local customs office for potential import taxes, duties, and tariffs, prior to placing an order. In addition, some products may require special licenses or permits to import (such as high powered lasers). We are not responsible for products confiscated by the customs in customers' countries.