Return and Refund Policies

Incorrect Description / Wrong Items Mailed

We will exchange the item or fully refund you. Contact us and then ship the products back via the least expensive method, and buyer covers the return shipping charges, seller covers the second way shipping costs.

Upon return, replacement will be sent or full refund will be issued as customer requests.

Due to restrictions imposed by PayPal, we are unable to issue refunds 60 days after payments. In such cases, store credits of equivalent value are issued in place of refunds.

An item not as described is defined as (1) either a significant specification is different (2) or the appearance of the primary product is significantly different, compared to those listed on the product page before ordering. For example, CPU is significantly different. This is a big deal and shall be elligible for replacement or full refund.

Notice:  The following cases, but not limited to these cases, cannot be accepted as incorrect decription or wrong items mailed.

  • The free gifts are missing and not received by customers. Sometimes, the cutoms and the shipping courier will open the package for investigation, and not just free gifts, but also even the expensive item sometimes is missing.
  • The phone signal is weak.
  • I do not like it.
  • It is not like I think.
  • I think it would have more functions.
  • Speed not like I wish.

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

We guarantees safe delivery of your orders. We exchange all damaged items. We reimburses return shipping charges for DOA.

Contact us for a RMA, within 5 days of delivery, and ship products back via the least expensive method.
Upon return, replacment will be sent out within 2 business days.

Missing Orders

Those orders that get shipped but fail to deliver to customers within rational timeframe are considered as missing orders and are elligible for replacement or full refund which is customer's choice. This process takes time, and we hope cusomers can be patient and cooperate with us on the investigation of the order.


Product Warranty & Replacement (faulty / defective other than normal use)

  • We provide one month replacement. 
  • We provide one year warranty
  • Unless it is stated on the product page, product warranty is 12 months counted from the date of shipment.
  • Buyer will burden shipping cost back and forth and component cost occurred for maintenance.
  • After one year, customers may still send defective items back to us for repair. We pass those items back to their manufactures and helps coordinating the repair. Customers are responsible for shipping charges both ways.
  • Depending on the problem, fees may be assessed by the manufacturers. We will contact customers before committing the repairs.