In a world where access to the digital world has become as necessary as breathing is for a living organism, people from different walks of life have their own set of requirements when it comes to using the internet. Just like every other thing, books have their lovers and best the part about a book is it can be purchased in any form either it is a paperback or just an eBook. Good to have a paperback if you have a lot of space plus money, but have you ever given thought to advantages of having eBooks over a paperback copy? Cost effective means more books in lesser money, digital form means no worries of carrying books especially while traveling.

Now, since you’re convinced that eBooks are better over a hardcover or a paperback version, the question is ‘Are these eBooks free?’ No. Certainly not. But you can make use of your smart brain to get most of these for free. For your information, torrent sites have served for very long as free streams of a range of web content and it can be anything such as music, games, movies, TV dramas, software, and eBooks. Here, we have made it easy for you by listing some of the best torrent websites for downloading free eBooks. See yourself:-

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is one of those torrent sites which continued to live through the chaos brought up by the authorities dealing with copyright infringement issues. This site was closed down several times and is still providing its services in a complete rhythm. If you’re a bookworm, you can discover a range of eBooks in various genres. You can download science fiction, travel guides, non-fiction, fantasy, general books, etc. TPB might not work in some regions due to reason it is blocked by the government. Use a proxy site to access the torrent content, and when you’re on the website, put in your words to get the book you want. Click here to know the proxy sites for The Pirate Bay.


ExtraTorrent is an amazing site for eBooks and has a very good user base. ET also suffered the shakedown by copyright infringement authorities but soon came out to serve. Likewise, TPB and others few, ET too has a good range of eBooks but most of them are fiction work. You can not only download eBooks from such torrent sites, but can access other media content such as TV shows, and movies. ExtraTorrent is one of the celebrated communities across the world among its users which is why it is advised to check eBook related discussion forums.

Started in 2008, RARBG is successfully running without any glitches. It is a small torrent website which is still working fine and is quite reliable. You can easily download an eBook in any file format of your choice. Despite having a weird user interface, the website still manages to have a decent user base due to its great features.

As the name suggests, this is also one of the places for different kinds of books and in different languages. Workbooks is not related to Wikipedia even though it seems but it’s surely a large database of books. The special thing about this particular site is that it allows a user to download eBooks in a number of languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and several others. All you have to do is just visit the site, select the language of your convenience, and hit the search with the title of the book you are looking for.

Kickass Torrents

The original Kickass Torrent website is nowhere to be found it doesn’t exist anywhere. is a mirror site of the original Kickass Torrents which is serving as an alternative to the former. It’s quite simple to use and works almost the same way TPB works. Having a collection of about 1,75,000 eBooks, you can even use their community forum in case you are not able to find a book of your choice.

If your requirement is just eBooks, you can prefer this torrent site because it is exclusively free for users. You can download eBooks on a diverse range of categories such as Cookery, Academic, Textbook, Fiction, Classics, History, Self-Improvement, Computers, Business, or Travel. You can find something on anything under this umbrella as it has an impressive collection and categories. Moreover, the easy and organized user interface make the browsing hassle-free. Users can join the site as a member and can keep the eBooks for the lifetime. Not limited to offering free eBooks, it is encouraging writers to publish their work in the form of eBooks. And even more, if you want to make money, join their affiliate program to make 25% commission on each sale.

Having a user interactive interface, Manybooks has a collection of over 33,000 free eBooks for iPad, Kindle, and other eBook readers. In the world of eBook torrent sites, Manybooks has the best UI and design with easy navigation. There are some impressive filters such as Popular, Featured Authors, Recommended, Authors, Genres etc. which helps a user save time in finding a desired a book. What makes it even more interesting to use this site is sub-genres such as Action, Non-fiction, Literary fiction, biographies, Romance, Young Adult, and others.

Like others, Ebookee is also an amazing eBook torrenting site offering a range of categories such as Tech, Non-Fiction, Romance, Magazines, Business, and newspapers. Readers from areas such as Health, IT industry, Engineering, Fashion, and Web developing can find a lot of books of their interest as many educational categories are also addressed on this website. There is a unique feature that makes Ebookee stands alone in the crowd. Users can see several sub-categories such as ‘Recently Viewed eBooks’, ‘Top 10 eBooks’, ‘Latest Added Books’, ‘Active users’, etc.

Specific for eBook users, FreeBookSpot is offering books on a wide range of genres in over 90 categories. You can find eBooks on Computers, DIY, Fiction, Architecture, Astronomy, Engineering, Adult Novels, and many more. This torrent site is mostly used by people seeking educational and Non-fictional eBooks. Users are able to make searches by selecting ‘Most Popular’, ‘Selections’, ‘Expired’, and ‘Wanted’ subcategories. Moreover, you can download Audiobooks here on this site, and can also share your eBooks with other users of the site by registering yourself.

Planet e-Book

In comparison to other torrent sites discussed above, Planet E-Book is not that big and is quite simple to use. With about 50,000 titles of eBooks on its shelves, this is one of the rapidly growing torrent websites for eBooks. It allows its users to download eBooks at no cost at all. The best platform for classic novels and fictions, it is one of the simplest sites with a minimalist UI design where you can download any eBook in just 3 clicks in your choice of file format.

Conclusion: This is the list of best available torrent sites for downloading eBooks. We are happy to hear if we are missing any good or a better eBook torrenting site which is still working. Use a VPN, protect your identity on the internet and enjoy downloading.

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